Consultants’ Corner: Ultra-long-haul: An emerging business model in the post-COVID-19 era?

Linus Benjamin Bauer

The current COVID-19 pandemic with its unique dynamics has resulted in a near-complete shutdown of the world’s travel industry. And its impact on the aviation industry has been much more severe than previous crises, e.g. 9/11, SARS outbreak, and the global financial crisis.

During coronavirus, many airlines worldwide, including El Al Israel Airlines and EgyptAir, came up with unusual ultra-long-haul repatriation flights. In other words, the pandemic has provided a testing ground for some airlines to test the operational performance and capabilities of possible ULH flights in the future. El Al, for example, now plans a non-stop link between Tel Aviv and Melbourne, a distance of 13,736 kilometres.

Linus Benjamin Bauer, Managing Consultant at Bauer Aviation Advisory, presents some key findings about why ultra long-haul could become an emerging business model in the post COVID-19 era and why the existing ultra long-haul operator Qantas could benefit more from it in the post pandemic period.

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