Coronavirus crisis: Perth flagged as ‘gateway to Europe’ with travellers expected to prefer long-haul flights to bypass South East AsiaThe West Australian

Linus Benjamin Bauer

According to a report by our managing consultant Linus Benjamin Bauer, the majority of health-conscious travellers will favour direct flights more than one-stop journeys via South East Asia or the Gulf in the next 24-36 months. This, he says, could lead to a spike in demand for an additional Perth-London service.

“The option of bypassing a hub in the area of an outbreak can be considered as one of the additional sources of demand for direct services, driven by the fast-changing behaviour of health-conscious corporate and travellers visiting friends and relatives.”, Bauer said.

Such developments could lead to new market opportunities for airlines, like British Airways and Qantas with its heavy premium configuration on 787s, to bypass hubs on thin routes.

“After the launch of Qantas’ service, Perth has become an increasingly important and viable gateway for ultra long-haul operations between Australia and the UK to date,” Mr Bauer wrote.

More nonstop Qantas flights from Perth to London and Europe could emerge as passengers flock to long-haul travel to avoid transfers in South East Asia in the new COVID-19 world.

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