COVID Could Be The Catalyst Ultra-Long-Haul Flights NeedSimple Flying

Linus Benjamin Bauer

The rise of ultra-long-haul flying has been somewhat inhibited by the coronavirus pandemic. However, in a post-COVID world, could we see a return? In fact, could the concerns and challenges raised by the virus outbreak actually serve to stimulate this niche market?

With the rise of highly efficient, twin engine long-haul aircraft, the industry was building toward a foundation that fostered an increase of ultra-long-haul operations. At least it was, until COVID-19 emerged. While the setbacks caused by the global pandemic could be viewed as putting the brakes on the development of such services, industry analysis suggests the crisis could actually be a catalyst for more to be launched.

A report jointly produced by our managing consultant Linus Benjamin Bauer and Daniel Bloch from Bloch Aviation Advisory explored the benefits of ultra-long-haul in the post-COVID market. In particular, the report looked at how it could be an essential service for both airlines and passengers in the future.

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