EXPERT VIEW: Pricing Is Not The Key To Rebuilding Passenger ConfidenceAviation Business Middle East

Linus Benjamin Bauer

In the Editor’s Choice of Aviation Business Middle East, Linus Benjamin Bauer, founder and managing director of Bauer Aviation Advisory, argues why a collective approach must be considered as the key to regenerating air traveller confidence.

In recent times, airlines have shown a collective intent to quickly rebuild network connectivity at any cost. To this effect, after what has felt like epochs for some, we are about to hear the roars of the turbofan more frequently again in the coming weeks. In turn, airlines will be focused on slowly re-solidifying their positions in their core markets, thereby looking to signal to the world that they have indeed navigated beyond the bottom of the crisis.

A big question mark still lingers over the notion of genuine demand recovery, whereby the factors of when, where, who and how much still remains uncertain. Throughout the crisis period, we have been exposed to countless scenarios and forecast models, but as such, by virtue of lacking a crystal ball, the majority have proven to be well off the mark. 2023 has been considered as a popular projection for demand recovery, but in this case, we shall look to 2025 and beyond, of which can be based upon the ‘Nike swoosh-shaped recovery’.

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