City aviation expert says COVID-19 testing at UK airports is essentialCityNews

Linus Benjamin Bauer

Our Managing Director, Linus Benjamin Bauer, who is also a Visiting Lecturer in Air Transport Management at the City University of London, says air travel safe corridors, the integration of COVID-19 testing into standard passenger workflow at airports, and linking passengers’ COVID-19 status directly to their e-ticket are among measures that need to be implemented by the United Kingdom and other governments around the world.

He has offered these suggestions in response to the UK Government’s recent imposition of a two-week quarantine for all travelers returning from Spain to the UK, a development that also marks the closure of the Spain-UK air bridge.

Amid fears that persons returning from Greece, Italy and France to the UK could also be at risk, Mr Bauer says it is essential that air travel corridors be considered, “especially for business travelers between countries in Europe such as the Spain and the UK, so as not to lose this sector in the short- and medium-term”.

“The introduction of testing at UK airports is way overdue so that those who are COVID-19 negative can continue to travel without the need to self-isolate upon arrival. Therefore, the close cooperation with all stakeholders to protect public health whilst keeping air travel and the wider economy open is essential”.

Additionally, Mr Bauer calls for the creation of ‘Green Zones’ to support the origin-destination bridge model.

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