Emirates conundrum: Boeing 777X or 787?AeroTime News

Linus Benjamin Bauer

As Emirates reportedly decided to switch up its Boeing orders to put more emphasis on the smaller Boeing 787, rather than the larger yet-to-certified 777X, could it also mark a future where less emphasis is marked on its Dubai hub?
Whenever someone mentions Emirates airlines, the sight of luxury, behemoth aircraft and the ever-growing Dubai International Airport (DXB) hub appears on the horizon. Ever since it was established in 1985, it bullied and muscled its way into the spotlight of airline brands and became a powerhouse in aviation. DXB, as a hub and an airport, grew hand-in-hand with its home airline: from 5 million passengers in 1990 to 86.4 million in 2019.
In the article from AeroTime News, our Managing Director Linus Benjamin Bauer discusses the recent event (switch-up of Boeing order) and why Emirates will and have to look at expanding its point-to-point services in post COVID-19 era.

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