Airlines that shift towards ultra long-haul flights will succeed post coronavirusChannel News Asia

Linus Benjamin Bauer

“As people’s priorities shift toward concerns for their health, ultra-long-haul flights have significant benefits over the current, more common model of stopping and changing planes at a big hub midway through your journey.” (Linus Benjamin Bauer)

On Channel NewsAsia, our Managing Director Linus Benjamin Bauer discusses why airlines like Qantas that shift towards ultra long-haul flights will succeed in the post COVID-19 era.

Speaking at the Asia/Pacific Summit of CAPA – Centre for Aviation, Alan Joyce said that there will be an even bigger business case for ultra long-haul flights post COVID-19 which allows Qantas to take those opportunities. He also added: “I think we’ll do well in that post COVID-19 environment. The carriers that have a strategic advantage and the ability to fly very long distances, I think that will be an advantage. So I have a lot of optimism that Qantas can get through this.” (Alan Joyce)

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