UAE airlines can still win on ultra-long flightsGulf News

Linus Benjamin Bauer

COVID-19 has sent shockwaves through the aviation industry. Cash-strapped airlines have either gone bust, gone into administration, or in search for a new lifeline in the form of a government bailout to increase liquidity and survive.

People are more reluctant to travel, seeking to reduce their exposure to the virus along with balancing the risk of being restricted by quarantine measures. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that IATA (International Air Transport Association) says the Middle East is forecast to see a 56 per cent drop in the number of passengers this year, a trend likely to lead to air travel’s overall decline over the coming years.

It’s with this bleak picture that airlines must quickly respond to the changing characteristics of the marketplace to establish a competitive advantage once international air travel makes a meaningful rebound. Linus Benjamin Bauer analysed the commercial performance and economics of the top Middle East carriers.

Through a study, Linus Benjamin Bauer examined the emergence of Ultra Long-Haul (ULH) flights and concluded they have increasing potential to thrive in a post-pandemic era.

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