Covid-19 Aviation Biosecurity Strategy Should Follow Post-9/11 ApproachAviation Business Middle East

Linus Benjamin Bauer

The aviation sector should respond to the coronavirus crisis in a similar way to how it reacted to the 9/11 attacks and come up with a uniform biosecurity system that can be rolled out quickly across the globe.

That is according to a panel of aviation experts who assembled for Aviation Business’s roundtable event last week.

Currently, each country has a different set of regulations dictating what kind of health and hygiene measures are implemented by airports and airlines to curb the spread of Covid-19. The result, the panel believes, is a disjointed, confusing and cumbersome set of systems which is damaging demand for air travel.

Speaking at the event, Linus Benjamin Bauer, founder and managing director of Bauer Aviation Advisory, said that the industry needs to work with governments and health organisations to create a standardised structure that can implement “a proper testing system”.

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