Roundtable: How To Restore Customer Confidence in Air

Linus Benjamin Bauer

The aviation industry is still reeling from the devastating effects of the pandemic, causing widespread uncertainty. Many governments, across the globe, are still struggling to develop robust COVID-19 strategies; with borders still closed and travel restriction in place, the recovery process for kickstarting long-haul travel is slow to get started. Thus, the serious struggle to boost customer confidence in air travel, during these challenging times, is very real. 

In order to spark debate in the industry, and to encourage aviation businesses and regulators in the region to start communicating with each other and take more action, with a mind to accelerating the industrys recovery, the Aviation Business Middle Easts roundtable event, with some of the brightest minds and most influential figures in the Middle Easts aviation sector, took place in Dubai recently. The event was sponsored by Bauer Aviation Advisory and the wrap up video can be found via the link below.


Along with Sam Chui and the Managing Director of Bauer Aviation Advisory, Linus Benjamin Bauer, the following key people from the industry took part in the roundtable event: Laila Hareb (Fmr. Executive Director of the Civil Aviation Authority UAE), Adel Ali (CEO of Air Arabia), Bernie Dunn (President of Boeing Middle East) and Georges Fenergi (Vice President of SITA).