Why Airlines Must Respond To COVID-19 AttackForbes Middle East

Linus Benjamin Bauer

The COVID-19 pandemic has sucked the aviation industry into a severe turbulence zone, causing chaos and uncertainty. Even after almost eight months since the WHO announced COVID-19 as a pandemic on March 11, governments across the globe are struggling to come out with a fully-secure protocol for flyers, many air zones are shut and travel restrictions remain imposed. All this is causing an unpredictable delay in the take-off of long-haul travel.
Restoring flyer confidence is going to be a key to recovery, but whether that means investing in hygiene solutions, creating marketing initiatives, or lowering airfares is yet to be discerned. Each OEM, airline, and airport is currently exploring a mix-and-match of different strategies. There’s a danger that this inconsistency could slow down the industry’s recovery.

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