Airlines must chase ‘fifth freedom rights’ to boost long-haul’s returnGulf News

Linus Benjamin Bauer

Airlines have begun to ramp up network connectivity at any cost. After what felt like an age, the roars of the engines are finally starting to be heard more frequently.
With airlines resuming operations, jostling for prime positions in their core markets, they are signalling that they have navigated beyond the crisis.
However, a big question lingers on whether demand has genuinely recovered in the long-haul sector. Throughout the pandemic, we have been exposed to countless scenarios and forecast models – but the majority have been well off the mark.
The conservative estimate challenges airlines to optimise their networks in a far more disciplined manner, which reflects a low-demand environment. On the other hand, there are overoptimistic airlines rapidly scaling up their long-haul operations again at a time when there is low passenger confidence and on the brink of another global recession.
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