Your company benefits from our vast experience in offering corporate and commercial services to clients within both the airline and airport businesses, as well as other related industries. Our internal and external subject-matter experts have both consultancy experience in developing breakthrough strategies, as well as hands-on experience in the commercial areas of airline and airport companies.

Corporate Strategy:

  • Charting the right course to sustained value creation
  • Transformation of airline/airport businesses into a source of competitive advantage
  • New sustainable growth engines for airlines and airports
  • Exploration of blue ocean opportunities for airlines and airports

Revenue Management & Pricing:

  • Optimization and implementation of Revenue Management & Pricing strategies and processes
  • Improvement of Revenue Management-related KPIs such as RASK
  • Guidance in Revenue Management and Pricing IT tools
  • Optimization and implementation of forecast techniques

Sales & Marketing:

  • Concepts for the implementation of a customer-centric sales approach
  • Guidance in implementation of ancillary revenue strategies
  • Optimization of online and offline distribution channels
  • Strengthening of market share by increasing customer retention
  • Improvement of customer satisfaction
  • Fostering new technological solutions to redefine the customer experience
  • Win and sustain engaged & loyal customers with higher lifetime value

Start-Up Support:

  • First-hand support from conceptualization, business plan review and market analysis to implementation
  • Effective set-up of required processes and structures
  • Assistance in search process for investors

Turnaround Strategy & Planning:

  • Sustainable, efficient business models for the long-term
  • Structured approach to achieve profitability
  • Quick action to secure liquidity and reduce losses
  • Effective post crisis recovery plan

Alliances, Joint Ventures and Partnerships:

  • In-depth analysis to determine true potential and benefits for airlines
  • Optimisation of structure by aligning the interests of airlines
  • Operating model design assessment with a joint business planning process
  • Ensuring long-term success with partners

Merger & Acquisition:

  • Taking the due diligence process to the next level with a fact-based, quantified assessment
  • Increasing the company’s attractiveness for a M&A process
  • Creation of a repeatable model with critical capabilities
  • Unlocking value with a systematic approach

Business Model Innovation:

  • Development of a strong sustainable business model
  • First-hand support in the business transformation process
  • Strengthening of the competitive position in the market

Network and Fleet Strategy & Planning:

  • Optimized aircraft and capacity utilization
  • Reliable, detailed feasibility studies and forecasts for airlines, airports and regions
  • Improved operational KPIs through optimization of network and fleet strategy
  • Usage of industry-proven data sources and developed route simulation tools
  • In-depth analysis from airlines’ and airports’ perspective to assess true route potential
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Making airlines and airports fit for the long-term requires more than reshuffling strategies or business models

Linus Benjamin Bauer
Founder & Managing Director, Bauer Aviation Advisory