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Health Check

We have developed tailor-made health check packages for the aviation industry throughout and after the pandemic. 

We have carefully crafted bespoke health check packages, specifically designed for the aviation industry to help them navigating the post-pandemic era.

The aviation industry encountered an unprecedented shock in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic, one that was both rapid and devastating. Nevertheless, since the global vaccine rollout in 2021, the pathway to recovery already has begun. It’s essential for the aviation industry to transition from a defensive stance to a proactive one. To seize various opportunities in the rapidly evolving business landscape, aviation companies must restructure their cost bases in response to the growing pent-up travel demand that has been building since the inception of the pandemic in early 2020. Additionally, to maintain their competitive edge in the post-COVID-19 aviation landscape, these companies need to have transformed their cost structures.

In light of these needs, we have developed customized health check packages throughout the pandemic, each centered around different themes. These packages aim to drive significant operational and cost efficiencies among aviation companies, enhancing cost optimization and revenue generation to bolster profitability. This health check initiative aids aviation companies in reducing their unit costs and increasing revenues, thereby ensuring the continuation of financial sustainability trends in the post-pandemic era.


Identification of Cost-Saving Potentials

Benefits including:
  • Streamlined organization
  • Efficient processes
  • Effective distribution
  • Suitable and supportive systems
  • Optimization of fixed and variable costs

Identification of Revenue Growth Opportunities

Benefits including:
  • Appropriate Revenue Management strategy
  • Compatible IT tools
  • Tailored organizational set-up
  • Optimal capacity allocation and steering
  • Closer collaboration with pricing and distribution

Identification of Appropriate & Flexible Pricing Strategy

Benefits including:
  • Comprehensive Pricing strategy
  • Adaption to customer needs and requirements
  • Flexible and dynamic fare products
  • Proper application of fare rules

Identification of Quick Wins

Benefits including:
  • In-depth evaluation and constant open communication
  • Pro-active corrective measures
  • Measurable target settings
  • Recalibration of KPIs
    (financially focused vs. quality centric)
After carrying out successful health checks for our clients and to meet the increasing demand for our advanced health check packages, we have been constantly adding new health check themes to our portfolio.


  • MRO
  • Group Services
  • Cost Transformation
  • Ancillary Revenues
  • Distribution
  • M&A
  • Alliances & Partnerships
  • Procurement
  • Process Alignment
  • Labour Productivity
  • Operational Excellence
  • Revenue Optimization
  • Process Alignment
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Strategy
By helping to improve operational performance and drive substantial cost savings, the health check packages reinforce our passion and commitment to supporting the sustainable growth of aviation companies, contributing its strategic thinking and expertise across the entire aviation value chain.

+ Timeline

By fostering enhanced operational performance and substantial cost savings, our health check packages underscore our fervor and dedication to supporting the sustainable growth of aviation companies, leveraging our strategic insights and expertise across the full spectrum of the aviation value chain.

We commit to proposing top-down targets for each department, which are presented during workshop sessions with management and department heads to pinpoint potential initiatives worth pursuing. The duration of each health check varies between 4 to 12 weeks, contingent on several factors, including the company’s structure, scope, objectives, and range of activities.

January – March 2022*

Commence Health Check

Rigorous check of status quo and high-level assessment in close collaboration with experts to understand the current operating model and financial state of the business through a commercial/operational lens

April 2022*

Project Kick-off

  • Workshops with client and/or partner to identify potential initiatives to work on
  • Agree on initiatives sponsors, resourcing and timelines
  • Quantify bottom-up each potential opportunity

Quick Wins & Immediate Impacts

Business Coordination & Enablement

(Support of other company-/group-wide programmes)

2022 – 2023*

Implementation Rollout of Project Initiative No. 1

Implementation Rollout of Project Initiative No. 2

Implementation Rollout of Project Initiative No. 3


Continuous Governance & Control (Steering Group & PMO Coordination)

Workshop Execution Dynamics.

Our global network consists of a diverse range of experts across various topics covering the health check scope and theme. We will leverage additional experts from our global network if required and requested.

Experts & Advisors

Our global team consists of a diverse range of experts across various topics covering the health check scope/theme. The assigned experts and advisors will be engaged at relevant points during the workshop sessions to provide their perspectives and guidance prepare comprehensive scenarios for the specific health check theme and scope — in accordance with the resourcing plan and conditions from the client.

Workshop Participants

Our assigned team of experts will facilitate the engagement by interacting with the workshop participants throughout and after the workshop (e.g., discussions, Q&A sessions, and follow-ups).

Key Deliverables

BAA will provide, for instance:

  • Transfer of in-house knowledge and expertise is necessary to understand the internal and external perspectives regarding health check scope and workshop objectives.
  • A framework for the workshop participants.
  • A roadmap with recommendations to follow up on the workshop (to-do list).

Key Success Factors.

I. Central Command & Control

  • Central solid team with a holistic approach incorporating all cost reduction activities

II. Rigorous Health Check of Status Quo

  • Methodical thought, planning, and prioritization
  • Clinical analysis to identify cost-saving potentials

III. Rigorous Programme Management

  • Regular and ongoing updates to pressure test outcomes
  • Cycling back to review the performance of initiatives, taking corrective action where necessary
  • Coordination between key activities to maximize realized value

IV. Catalysts for Change

  • Committed management with targets aligned to objectives
  • Dedicated full-time resources with targeted functional expertise
  • Inject fresh thinking and new ideas with a ‘greenfield’ approach
  • Understanding the need to take the next step of integration


Case Examples #1-3

Our successful health check activities with airlines to date have opened doors to various project initiatives for our clients and top-tier consulting partners.

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