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Our Capabilities.

BAA & Partners?

BAA & Partners specializes in providing bespoke, unique, and intelligent solutions to an extraordinarily dynamic and competitive sector. The driving force behind our capabilities and services is our dedication to securing a sustainable and profitable future for the revered aviation industry. Amid the industry’s most severe crisis in history, we assist our current and future clients in overcoming the associated challenges by facilitating sustainable business transformations aimed at profitable futures.

Key features of our service include:

  • Prestigious recognition as a leading consulting firm for the aviation industry.
  • A successful track record with aviation companies, top-tier consulting firms, and the Big Four companies.
  • Deep-rooted expertise in strategy, business transformation, restructuring and M&A support, operational excellence, marketing and sales, pricing and revenue management, network and fleet management, customer and market insights, and regulatory advisory.
  • A potent blend of methodological, functional, and industry expertise, adaptable to a variety of corporate structures, business/market environments, scenarios, and dynamics.
  • A rapidly expanding network of 125+ experts with backgrounds in the aviation industry, top-tier consulting, and Big Four companies, boasting an average experience of 15+ years.
  • Careful selection of individual experts or teams for assignments and projects, ensuring optimal alignment with client needs.
  • The BAA & Partners team’s international recognition as thought leaders creating and disseminating aviation-specific knowledge.

Where BAA & Partners adds value to a project with a top-tier consultancy.

Case Example: Restructuring Support

We have supported a top-tier consulting firm in a large restructuring project of an airline group in the EMEA-region. Our workstreams and activities were following:

Workstream I. Review of Current Operating Strategy, Model and Performance

Workstream II. Blueprint Preparation for Implementation

I. High-level Assessment Support

Provision of high-level assessment report with indicators/metrics for selected core businesses
  • Portfolio Matrix
  • Mapping of key processes
  • ‘Level of concern’ scoreboard
  • (Details derived from high-level assessment/gap analysis)
  • Priority setting and top-down targets (where airline group should be)
  • Identification of commercial and operational implications
  • Identification of challenges and opportunities
  • Proposed initiatives for a new airline group structure with long-term goals and supporting strategy in mind

I. Benchmark Case Assessment

Provision of benchmark case assessment report with top-down targets
  • Benchmark Case: Example (Airline Group X from Country Y)
  • Areas of Benchmarking: Flight Operations, Fleet, Organization, Ancillary Services, Ground Handling, Catering, Cargo
  • Benchmark and comparison of operating model and financial state through a commercial and operational lens (e.g., market pricing for services and make-or-buy decision processes)
  • Identification of potential shared services and additional synergies across the value chain

I. & II. Expert Opinion ‘on-demand.’

BAA & Partners will provide, for instance:

  • Access to BAA & Partners global pool of various subject-matter experts
  • Expert review and feasibility check of the proposed approach, ideas, suggestions, and recommendations from top tier consultancy or Airline Group X
  • Provision of subject-matter expert opinion on analyses and in-house reports from top tier consultancy or Airline Group X
  • Procurement: Evaluation of contracts and commercial agreements
  • Subject-matter Expert: Participation in workshop and presentation sessions with feedback discussion about the dedicated topic

II. Development of Pre-Implementation Checklist

Provision of a checklist to support the implementation planning process for selected core businesses within Airline Group X
  • Data and information derived from the previous activities and sub-deliverables
  • Priority setting: Mapping of high-value versus low-value activities and sub-initiatives, supporting defined long-term goals and commercial strategy
  • Focus on employees, assets, contracts, and so on through the commercial and operational lens
  • Focus on potential synergies as ‘Quick wins’ (e.g., Procurement and Shared Services)


Strategy is part of BAA & Partners DNA. We support our clients on bold strategic journeys in the aviation industry by unlocking impact-driven strategic moves with fundamental values. To create exceptional value in a world of rapidly shifting competitive advantage within the aviation industry, we evaluate and develop corporate strategies, business unit growth strategies, value creation strategies, and market entry strategies. We benchmark our clients’ strategic positions against many others, both within and outside the aviation industry, by applying our holistic approach.

Business Transformation.

Off to new shores when traditional value chains no longer work: The pandemic has put the necessity of business transformation for aviation companies to another level to stay ahead and survive disruption during and after the post-COVID-19 recovery phase. At BAA & Partners, we offer aviation companies organization-wide change interventions, with a core focus on the capabilities and growth needed to achieve sustainable performance improvement. We help our clients identify their potential for business transformation through a tailor-made health check assessment. Following this, we guide them through a strategic road-mapping process to develop prioritized initiatives to achieve sustainable objectives during the transformation process.

Restructuring Support.

Don’t wait for disruption to become a crisis. The world is changing fast – and aviation companies must change to unlock their full potential for a more sustainable, profitable, and lean future. What you need in this case are tailored, sector-specific solutions that recognize the unique context of your challenges. We offer our customized value-added support to Tier-1/2/3 consulting firms and Big Four companies in large restructuring projects. Our global network brings deep experience – creating the right mix of capabilities and specialties to ensure that the restructuring journey achieves its goals.

M&A Advisory.

A clear M&A blueprint accelerates the progress toward strategic goals. Together with our partners, we offer our support to Tier-1/2/3 consulting firms and Big Four companies by utilizing our industry-proven experience to provide value-added support from transaction strategy, due diligence, and carve-out to post-merger integration. Additionally, we have a pool of M&A advisors and subject-matter experts with proven experience who can provide valuable guidance to other companies or investors that intend to buy, sell, or restructure their companies.

Operational Excellence.

They are unleashing long-term value through operational excellence. We enable aviation companies and their operations through a blend of industry, procedures, and analytical experience to maximize operational efficiency and effectiveness to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage throughout their optimized value chain. Performance improvement, process optimization, cost optimization, and in-house capabilities are keys to sustainable growth, leading to a profitable business.

Implementation Support.

Aviation companies are facing an unprecedented challenge to navigate through the post-pandemic recovery. COVID-19 has upended business norms and operating models at every level. The recovery path requires the commitment to change, and aviation companies seek solutions to safeguard their workforce, improve operational and commercial performance in the short term, and ensure their transformations are sustainable over time. Together with our partners, we help aviation companies accelerate execution to achieve long-term improvements and measurable, bottom-line results. To Tier-1/2/3 consulting firms and Big Four companies, we also provide tailor-made packages including Business Transformation/Restructuring + Implementation Support.

Market & Customer Insights.

Knowing the target market and customer much better enables aviation companies to drive revenue growth, create optimal portfolio strategies and implement a market- and consumer-centered marketing mix. In collaboration with our aviation intelligence partners, BAA & Partners actionable in-depth market and customer insight solutions deliver critical insights on market demographics and environment, consumer behavior, brand perception, and market entry opportunities for aviation companies. By leveraging our methodological and functional expertise, our goal is to help aviation companies to create a 360° view of the market landscape and customer.

Marketing & Sales.

Meeting new customer needs and expectations is critical for aviation companies to succeed with their post-COVID-19 business. We help our clients grow faster than the market by understanding the fast-changing customers’ needs, preferences, and behaviors. To unlock the full potential for sustainable, customer-centric, and organic growth, we help our clients evaluate and (re)design marketing and sales strategies, market entry strategies, customer lifecycle management processes, and sales & channel management processes. By developing superior capabilities, we also help our clients to translate data into actionable insights to drive additional sales and ancillary revenue.

Revenue Management & Pricing.

For Revenue Management and Pricing, there is no textbook solution available for maximizing revenue and accelerating growth. Different aviation companies require different strategies, methods, and operating models. By transforming Revenue Management and Pricing, aviation companies can drive significant value to the bottom line. With our methodological solid and functional expertise, we support aviation companies to develop the strategies, capabilities, processes, and mindset that unlock the power and value of Revenue Management and Pricing – especially during these uncertain times around COVID-19.

Network Management.

As markets continue to change, new network structures emerge, and airline alliances and partnerships become even more critical post-COVID-19, regular strategic planning, and continuous network development are fundamental to any airline’s success. Together with our technological partners, we provide Network Management solutions, including fast access to accurate information about the current market situation, future market trends and developments, and the network of their competitors. Additionally, we help airlines make the right strategic decisions for the future, enabling them to gain competitive advantages by responding flexibly to market changes and conditions.

Project Management Support.

At BAA & Partners, we take pride in providing tailored project management office support to several clients and partners. As your trusted advisor, we deliver added value by providing the highest standard of project management support. We utilize our experienced project managers to define project needs, realize business benefits, and deliver projects to time, cost, and quality. We provide project management office support teams for projects of all sizes and complexities – ranging from integrated multi-skilled teams for large projects to single project managers for specific workstreams.

Regulatory Advisory.

We support government authorities (e.g., Civil Aviation Authority) in achieving their objectives by using the correct regulatory framework and supportive policies for the aviation industry and other instruments to enhance the country’s air connectivity, thus delivering better economic and social outcomes for the citizens and business. At BAA & Partners, we have a pool of advisors – few of whom are former regulators themselves – who can help our clients to identify, meet and maintain their regulatory responsibilities.