Our expertise and excellence
push your business forward.

Bauer Aviation Advisory (BAA)

Your new trusted and sparring partner for the aviation industry in the post-pandemic era.

In times of shifting client demands and expectations for tailored services, our growing global network of 75+ consultants and subject-matter experts with first-hand experience help us and our partners deliver better value-added and tailor-made solutions to you.

and Quality

At Bauer Aviation Advisory (BAA), we create fundamental values with a real impact on our clients and partners.

As a new trusted and sparring partner with a solution-oriented and game-changing mindset, we accelerate strategy, operational excellence, and transformation with fundamental values and impacts to our clients and partners. We have an eye for providing clients and partners with the wings to shape the clients’ trajectories for a flight path of sustainable growth.

Our internationally recognized expertise and excellence push your business forward.

We have a strong growing
global network.

At Bauer Aviation Advisory (BAA), we have a strong, growing global network of 75+ experts and consultants with aviation industry and top-tier consulting backgrounds. The potent combination of methodological, functional, and industry expertise as one of our unique selling points (USPs) brings added value to projects with our clients and partners.

I. Requests for Experts

  • Internal definition of problem and identification of stakeholders.
  • Need for skilled and experienced subject-matter experts with a keen eye for detail and the entire picture.
  • A project that exceeds the core competencies of the aviation business.
  • Contact and initial request for further details and proposal.

II. Matchmaking

We use the insights provided in the first step to identify the most suitable consultant/subject-matter expert or group of consultants/experts from our exclusive global pool.

We also provide an entire consulting team of 5-12 consultants and experts for larger transformation projects in the aviation industry if required.

III. Project Execution & Support

  • We provide a unique offer with consultants/subject-matter experts to guarantee service excellence for the client/partner.
  • We focus on creating value and impact on Day 1.
  • We provide after-project support for any queries and other needs, ensuring solutions are practical and meet client’s/partner’s needs.
  • Our trusted partners support us in the project execution process (optional).

We open doors
for you.

BAA delivers a comprehensive suite of strategic, operational, and transformation expertise in corporate and business unit growth strategy, strategic turnarounds, business transformation, restructuring and M&A support, performance improvement, fleet and network optimization, customer strategy, including marketing and sales, pricing, and revenue management optimization, result delivery and regulatory advisory for aviation companies and their key stakeholders.

We open doors for you to access our global network of experts and consultants.

We focus on providing complete engagement solutions from high-level strategy services to implementation support at competitive rates and with a proven track record. Our clients highly value our fast execution and direct communication to enable maximum value and impact, supported by our in-house core team and vast network of subject-matter experts.

Why BAA?

We offer

We offer tailor-made, unique, and intelligent solutions for a very dynamic and competitive sector.

Underlying our capabilities and services is to secure a sustainable and profitable future for our beloved aviation industry. When the industry is facing its most profound crisis in history, we are helping our current, and future clients overcome the associated challenges of the current pandemic by forging sustainable business with a transformed position for a profitable future.

  • Strategy
  • Business Transformation
  • Restructuring Support
  • M&A Advisory
  • Operations
  • Implementation
  • Market & Customer Insights
  • Pricing & Revenue Management
  • Network & Fleet Management
  • Project Management
  • Regulatory Advisory

Our network with proven experiences

We create value
for our clients and partners.

Tailor-made and intelligent solutions for a very dynamic and competitive sector

A strong combination of methodological, functional, and aviation domain expertise

(Global Network of 75+ consultants and subject-matter experts)

Our holistic approach during advisory and consulting projects within the aviation industry
Individuals or teams of consultants and experts carefully selected for projects with our partners

Internationally recognized expertise and excellence in the aviation industry

(15 years experience on average)

Successful track record with aviation companies and top tier consulting firms

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