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The current COVID-19 pandemic with its unique dynamics has been a far more catastrophic event that has created a nearly complete shutdown of the world’s travel industry. Its impact on the aviation industry has been much more severe than previous crises. Airlines, airports and public sectors are navigating through uncharted territories at the moment. Making airlines and airports fit for the post-COVID19 era requires more than reshuffling strategies or business models.

As a gesture of long-term commitment to the aviation industry, Bauer Aviation Advisory offers complimentary one-hour coffee session via Zoom.


Our Industries

The economic uncertainty, over 40 external uncontrollable variables and the unique dynamics of the current COVID-19 crisis make it very challenging for airlines and airports across the globe to forecast demand and kickstart air travel in the near future. 

Despite the current unfavourable macroeconomic conditions with the portion of uncertainty on the top of that, the demand for travelling by plane will ultimately return to the long-term growth trajectory. Thus there is an urgent and existential call for action across the whole value chain of the aviation sector, which must be founded on the basis of strategic creativity, humanity, prioritising human health factors, sustainability, profitability, pragmatism and optimism. It accelerates the need for airlines and airports across the globe to innovate their strategies, business and operating models by ensuring exceptional customer experience.

Together with our outstanding industry expertise, we distinguish ourselves through the exclusive pool of 16 internationally recognised subject-matter experts from 9 different countries across the globe and close collaboration with our active and future clients. By applying our unique holistic approach during the consulting projects, we are ready to support your business and deliver outstanding results which will exceed your expectations. We do not only design concepts, but also develop and successfully implement innovative strategies and processes. Furthermore, we support you with measures to streamline processes, reduce costs, optimise plans for current and future routes, and shape the sustainable growth of your business in an innovative manner.

Our Competencies

Corporate Strategy

Applying our holistic approach, we benchmark your company against hundreds of others, both within and outside the industry. Through the identification of blue ocean opportunities, we design the perfect go-to-market strategy for your airline/airport.

Business Model Innovation

A strong business model is the bedrock to business success. By developing strong, sustainable business models for your company with our toolkit, we support you in the business transformation process to adapt to the fast-changing environment in the air transport sector.

Merger and Acquisition

Together with you, we aim to improve your odds of success with your M&A strategy and objectives. We develop your M&A team and capabilities, and build a repeatable process. We also take due diligence to the next level with a fact-based, quantified assessment.

Sales and Marketing

We help you to achieve sustainable, organic growth by obtaining a better understanding of your customers’ needs and behaviours. For that, we develop superior segmentation capabilities for you. We help you to translate data into actionable insights to drive additional sales and ancillary revenue.

Alliances, Joint Ventures and Partnerships

Alliances, joint ventures and partnerships with other airlines can be an excellent way to boost inorganic growth. We work closely with you to maximise the value of such activities and build the required internal capabilities in order to achieve its full potential.

Network Strategy and Planning

Our network tools model the impact of network changes and help you improving existing and future network structures. We evaluate potential codesharing and interlining agreements for you.

Revenue Management and Pricing

We develop a distinctive revenue management and pricing approach to improve the performance of your teams and KPIs (e.g. 3-10% increase in RASK). Beside technical levers, we also focus on management infrastructure and people development.

Fleet Strategy and Planning

In collaboration with our internationally recognised fleet strategy experts, we provide strategic advice to decision-makers and professionals involved in the commercial aircraft acquisition programmes. For that, we apply the best practice in airline fleet planning techniques.

Turnaround Strategy and Planning

With our tools, we design a turnaround strategy for you, with the aim of converting, changing or transforming a loss-making entity into one that turns a profit. We will take you from a position of declining sales to increasing, from weakness to strength, and from instability to stability.

Our Services

Analytics and Modelling

For you, we set the foundation for a leading edge in global competition. Through the application of our analytical expertise, we help you to define and implement the appropriate intelligence to manage complexity, whilst increasing efficiency.

Strategic Planning

We propose scenario-based strategic planning as a powerful approach that accounts for uncertainty, volatility and complexity in the aviation industry. By applying our appropriate tools and integrating scenario-based approaches into strategic planning, we remove the uncertainty for your company.

Business Planning

We advise airlines and airports on how to position and differentiate themselves to yield the best returns. By using our own set of tools, we help you to test the likely impact of your current business plans, in order to then refine and optimise them.

Coaching and Training

Training boost a feeling of value in employees, therefore we contribute to the culture of learning. We provide a wide range of customized trainings and workshops, including Business Model Innovation in Aviation, Blue Ocean Strategy in Aviation, Air Service Development, Business Strategy Development and Forecasting & Modelling.

Feasibility Studies

With the feasibility study, we set the foundation for the successful completion of a project. We cover all relevant factors to a project, including economic, technical, legal and scheduling considerations. From there, the likelihood of project successfully will be ascertained.

Scenario Planning

We identify a specific set of uncertainties that might occur in the future of your business. In this case, we also make assumptions regarding what the future will be, and how your business environment will change overtime in light of that future.

Business Conceptualisation

With our vast expertise, we support you to strategically organise your thoughts into a solid business plan that you can then use to adapt and grow your airline business, as the realities of your key markets become apparent.

Business Plan Review

A business plan is an important tool to help guide your decisions. In order to attract investors, stand out from the competition or survive the crucial growth phase, we realistically examine and fine-tune your business plan with our dedicated toolkits.

Evaluation and Implementation

Improvement, efficiency and effectiveness: We support you in the evaluation and implementation phases of the strategic planning process. We also assist you in the whole implementation process with our recommended solutions.

Start-Up Support

When you want to get your business idea onto the market, you often need subject-specific support and advice during the preparatory phase. For instance, setting up an airline requires various steps. We help you to transform your idea into action and accompany you during the whole journey from scratch to the official launch.

Process Redesign

We assist you in the overhaul of your company’s central business processes to effect substantial changes and achieve specific goals, such as increased return on investment, service improvements, or cost reductions.

Air Route Development

We offer market research, tailor-made air route development solutions for airports and network planning services to airlines. We provide multiple ways of support and support clients to be successful in developing both new and existing routes.


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