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Bauer Aviation Advisory (BAA) is an award-winning and leading boutique consulting firm for the aviation industry, founded by Linus Benjamin Bauer at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. BAA is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, at the Emirates Towers and consists of an extensive, growing global network of 75+ experts and consultants with 15 years of experience on average.

BAA is one of the region’s only boutique consulting firms dedicated to the aviation industry, bringing its internationally recognized expertise to the EMEA region and beyond to serve its aviation and consulting sectors with expert advisory. Airlines, airports, suppliers, government authorities, financial institutions, top-tier consulting firms, and Big Four companies have used the capabilities and services of BAA and its global network to date.

As a game-changer and industry disruptor, BAA has been nominated and shortlisted for various awards, including the prestigious Aviation Business Awards 2020 and 2021. In June 2022, BAA has been recognized as one the leading consulting firms in the aviation industry with a Gold rating (*), joining the Top-15 ranks with global top-tier consulting firms. Additionally, BAA won the Aviation and Aerospace Awards 2022 as Best Boutique Consulting Firm for Aviation – Middle East.

* is the world’s premier and largest platform for the consulting industry.

BAA is a proud corporate and industry partner of the Arab Air Carriers’ Organization (AACO), the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS), the Travel Industry Club (TIC), the German Emirati Joint Council for Industry & Commerce (AHK) and a world business partner of the Airports Council International (ACI).

BAA in the News

Linus Benjamin Bauer

Founder’s Message.

Tackle your most challenging commercial, operational and financial issues in the aviation industry.

A warm welcome to Bauer Aviation Advisory (BAA), your new trusted and sparring partner for the aviation industry in the post-pandemic era!

Launching a new boutique consulting firm at the height of the pandemic did not faze me – despite solid headwinds and challenges. With the coronavirus pandemic resulting in a deep recession, the entire consulting landscape is ultimately no more immune to the forces of disruption than any other industry. Industries with higher complexity, like aviation, need new trusted partners during these challenging times. 

While major consulting firms have historically thrived in the consulting landscape, advisory work needs to be more industry-specific and trusted than ever before. The current COVID-19 crisis has laid the foundation for boutique consulting firms like BAA to become the new trusted and sparring partners for industries like aviation in the post-pandemic era. 

As a client-driven industry, with clients’ needs changing constantly…

we are forced to adapt our services, structure, and operations quickly to remain competitive on the post-pandemic landscape. Being nimble, flexible, and agile has arguably never been more apparent than during this unprecedented global crisis. Many businesses in the aviation industry now face a unique set of challenging pressures, and they are turning back to experts.

However, the consulting industry, in other words, has become inefficient, stagnant, and slow to adapt – even if we have weathered existential crises before. If we dig deeper into the portfolio of services offered by various consulting firms to clients today, a tectonic disruption is hitting the whole consulting industry just as it has hit the aviation industry before.

They are using off-the-shelve solutions, which have been tried and tested before but are not explicitly tailored to the needs of the clients in the aviation industry. They increasingly fail to meet the requirements of specific clients. From my point of view, the so-called one-size-fits-all model can be described as a diminishing business model in the post-pandemic era. 

Nowadays, it is much easier for aviation companies and large consulting firms to access subject-matter experts with industry know-how through boutique consulting firms like BAA. They are expected to know the operational reality of clients and offer tailored services that meet methodological, functional, industry, and client demands. This, in turn, enables us at BAA to add more value to clients and partners. 

In times of shifting client demands and expectations for tailored services, our growing global network of 35+ subject-matter experts and consultants help us and our partners to be able to deliver better value-added and tailor-made solutions for the clients. Throughout the pandemic, we have developed tailor-made health check packages with various themes for aviation companies to drive substantial operational and cost efficiencies, enhancing cost optimization and revenue generation to increase profits among airlines.

At a time when our beloved aviation industry is facing its most profound crisis in history, we are fully committed to helping our clients and partners overcome the associated challenges of the current pandemic. Underlying our capabilities and services is to secure a sustainable and profitable future for the aviation industry by forging sustainable business with a transformed position for a better future.

We look forward to helping you to tackle your most challenging commercial, operational and financial issues in the aviation industry!

Happy browsing,

Linus Benjamin Bauer
Founder & Managing Director

Advisory Board.

Bauer Aviation Advisory (BAA) has established an advisory board with six industry heavyweights with solid track records in the global aviation scene, as the boutique consulting firm seeks to accelerate its growth and reputation in the EMEA region and beyond.

Laila Hareb Almheiri.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

CEO at ALIVE Group of Companies
  • Assistant Director General for Strategy & International Affairs at the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority
  • Lead Negotiator in the fields of Economic Regulations, Air Transport Agreements and Environment for the UAE

Stefan Pichler.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • CEO of Royal Jordanian, airberlin, Fiji Airways, Jazeera Airways, and Thomas Cook AG
  • CCO of Virgin Australia and Lufthansa
  • Chairman of German Tourism Board, Fiji Tourism Board, Chairman of Havas Voyages, Lufthansa City Center, V Australia, Velocity and Royal Wings

Bernard J. Dunn.

Houston, United States of America

Founder and CEO at BJ Dunn & Associates
  • President of Boeing Middle East, Turkey, and Africa
  • Vice President Middle East, Africa, and South Asia at ITT Defense (L3Harris)
  • Defense and Army Attaché U.S. Embassy in Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Jordan
  • Chief of Middle East Branch at The Pentagon (DCSOPS)

Dr. Michael Kerkloh.

Munich, Germany

Supversiory Board Member at Lufthansa
  • CEO of Munich Airport
  • Supervisory Board Member of Oman Aviation Group
  • President at ACI Europe
  • Managing Director of Hamburg Airport

Aya Sadder.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Founder & CEO at BOLT
  • Professional Speaker (e.g., TEDex)
  • Globally Certified Facilitator for Startup Weekend
  • Incubator Manager at INTELAK
  • Advisor for the Emirates Group
  • Team Member of Emirates Aviation x Lab

Tilmann Gabriel.

Berlin, Germany

Managing Partner at tianaero t.gabriel
  • President/CEO of Safi Airways, Royal Jet, Airways Aviation, CHC Helicopter
  • Current Project Leader of Nigeria Air
  • Executive Vice President at Qatar Airways
  • Senior Executive and Training Captain at Lufthansa

Meet us face to face.

BAA will be present at all relevant industry events this year. We look forward meeting you!

Events 2023.

28 February – 1 March

Singapore, SIN
Aviation Festival Asia

16 – 17 March

Budapest, HUN
: CAPA Airline Leader Summit

14 – 15 September

Brisbane, AUS
CAPA Australia Pacific Aviation Summit

26 – 28 September

Lisbon, PT
World Aviation Festival

2 – 3 November

Kuala Lumpur, MY
CAPA Asia Aviation Summit

13 – 17 November

Dubai, UAE
Dubai Air Show

28 – 29 November

Abu Dhabi, UAE
CAPA World Aviation Summit

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