A consultancy specialised in the airline and airport business, Bauer Aviation Advisory (BAA) has been founded under the vision and leadership of Managing Director, Linus Benjamin Bauer, of who has to-date led a distinguished academic and professional career that has forged a unique and thorough understanding of the airline industry. As such, BAA offers a strong focus on commercial activities, spanning corporate strategy and business model innovation, to network and fleet planning; overseen with a combination of technical, analytical and creative know-how. With offices based out of Germany, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates, as well as maintaining 25 international partnerships with external experts and consultants, BAA affords its clients with a contemporary, dynamic and global perspective, capable of tackling the sector’s most pressing challenges.

Adopting a pragmatic mindset toward each task is something BAA prides itself on, thereby taking up a fundamentally goal and solution-oriented approach to every case. To this effect, customers will both notice and appreciate the dedication of BAA consultants, of who not only strive to exceed expectations for the sake of their client, but due to their love and passion for the industry as a whole. With this in mind, BAA develops innovative strategies and processes that create notable added value for clients, in a manner that is transparent, comprehensive and readily understood. This is especially fostered by BAA’s internal and external professionals, of who maintain extensive working experience (average: 15.5 years) and proven track records in revenue management, business development, corporate strategy, network management, M&A, alliances & partnerships, sales & marketing, as well as fleet management. With such an abundance of experience and wealth of expertise, BAA generates outputs that streamline processes, reduce costs, optimise strategies, and ultimately, shape clients’ trajectories for a flightpath of sustainable growth.

With respect to the latter point, Bauer Aviation Advisory also takes a strong advocative position for sustainable business solutions. As such, our company logo itself is one that stands for green aviation, with an eye for providing clients with the wings to generate a simultaneously sustainable and profitable future. Moreover, in light of the unfolding situation with COVID-19, it must be recognized that there is an urgent and existential call for action across the entire value chain of the aviation sector, of which must be founded on strategic creativity, the prioritisation of human factors, empathy, pragmatism and optimism; all of which remain at the core of BAA’s virtues and values. This is a key point of difference for BAA; its ability to adapt with the times, recognise the importance of global events and its implications for aviation, and to ultimately synthesise this down into relevant outputs for clients looking to navigate through periods of uncertainty and change.

About the Founder of Bauer Aviation Advisory

Linus Benjamin Bauer is the founder of Bauer Aviation Advisory, the aviation & strategy consulting firm exclusively working for the aviation industry. His experience includes work in different departments and positions with airline companies from Europe, the Middle East, and Asia throughout all commercial-related areas of their business. Thus, he has obtained a deep knowledge in commercial activities of airlines with different business models.

In his previous consulting projects for airlines and investors, Linus designed and implemented new strategies and business models, restructured existing business models, realigned airline networks, improved the performance of routes, identified new revenue opportunities, redesigned commercial airline processes, or supported the launch of a new airline business.

Linus holds a Master of Science degree in Air Transport Management from the City University of London. Additionally, he was awarded with the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award in Air Transport Management, personally presented by His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Emirates, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Apart from his main duty as a Managing Consultant at Bauer Aviation Advisory, Linus is also a Visiting Lecturer in Air Transport Management at the City University of London in London and Dubai. As an active member of the Royal Aeronautical Society, he gives regular speeches and guest lectures at various events of the Royal Aeronautical Society across the globe. In collaboration with Qantas, he did his pioneer research about the commercial viability/economic feasibility of ultra long-haul operations. The world’s first-ever academic evidence was produced with the help of a specifically designed Revenue-Cost-Model, a simulation tool to test the economic feasibility of potential ultra long-haul routes across the globe.

The aviation enthusiast gained cultural competences by spending part of his life overseas, including Australia, China, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Switzerland.

Areas of Expertise: Airlines, Corporate Strategy, Network Strategy and Planning, Ultra Long-Haul Operations, Alliances and Partnerships, Business Model Innovation, Sales & Marketing, Revenue Management and Pricing


Bauer Aviation Advisory is an equal opportunity employer. We are a team of highly talented and diverse professionals – both internal and external. We know that top talent comes from all walks of life with diversity making us better with new experiences and viewpoints.

As a person with an hearing impairment, the founder Linus Benjamin Bauer is fully committed to keeping a diverse environment at Bauer Aviation Advisory where everyone with merit has the opportunity to succeed together with us. Bauer Aviation Advisory provide equal employment opportunity to all internal and external employees and applicants regardless of race, color, religion, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, intellectual disability, learning or physical disability, veteran status, pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical condition, or any other class or characteristic protected by federal, state, or local laws.

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Due to the long-term committment to the aviation industry, Bauer Aviation Advisory highly value cooperations and thus contribute to the improvement and sustainability of the whole aviation landscape, ranging from schools/universities, charities, and economic groups to associations and councils.

Linus Benjamin Bauer, Managing Director at Bauer Aviation Advisory: „As long as the younger generation sees a better future ahead of them in the aviation industry, then we surely will have one. Every generation has taken the responsibility to contribute to the highly vibrant and dynamic industry since the younger generation will ultimately inherit the current state of the aviation industry from us – just as we did. Therefore, the most powerful and effective way to build a better world for the aviation industry is to bring the young generation in with us and shape the aviation industry together that it embodies their passion for aviation.“

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Making airlines and airports fit for the long-term requires more than reshuffling strategies or business models

Linus Benjamin Bauer
Founder & Managing Director, Bauer Aviation Advisory
“With our outstanding industry expertise, we distinguish ourselves through the exclusive pool of internationally recognized subject-matter experts and close collaboration with our clients.”
Linus Benjamin Bauer
Managing Director

How can we help you?